Bernie’s Community Health Centers - David Dayen on Sam Seder Show (2016)
by aokpub
How Bernie used the ObamaCare negotiation to increase access for 25 million people


WHO’S ACCOMPLISHED MORE IN THE SENATE? You’ve heard of the Cornhusker Kickback? It turns out Bernie Sanders has a Senate “accomplishment” that eclipses anything Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton did in the US Senate. Except Bernie didn\'t just bring home the bacon to Vermont, he helped demonstrate for the whole country the benefits of “democratic socialism\" in medicine, in practice, in the real world.\r\n\r\nHolding his Obamacare vote ransom, Bernie secured $11 billion in funding to double the existing appropriation for community health centers styled after the British model. Today, those 9,200 facilities serve 1 in 13 Americans, some 25 million, and specifically those in the neediest situations.\r\n\r\nWhen the program came up for renewal, it had even convinced Republican senators to vote to extend it in their states. Every dollar spent on preventative care saves over $15 dollars, so this is also the most fiscally conservative solution for the long-term.


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