The Glory of God Pastor Billy Robertson 26 February 2017 Living in the Light
by cbf
authority power humility humble Lord God heart Bible light shekinah glory Holy Spirit reveal majesty holiness Luke New Testament Old Testament Elias strength beauty countenance white light shine Moses Peter Jesus Christ master serve tabernacle honor worship Father Son sacrifice follow Mount of Transfiguration change hope eternity establish judge judgment right righteousness equity Jehovah gods idols strong vessels potter clay Isaiah praise graven image false gods splendor Creator universe grace


artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: The Glory of God
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
Glory-according to Strong's concordance the original Hebrew indicates honor, weight, splendor and abundance. So, just what is God's glory? It is so much more than just abundance.  It is the splendor of the Creator of the Universe!  On the Mount of Transfiguration, Peter saw Jesus in a dazzling white light.  Saul was knocked off his horse, heard the Lord's voice and was  surrounded by a deafening noise and a dazzling white light.  In the wilderness and in solomon's temple, the presence of the Lord was so strong, no one could stand... God's glory--it is majesty, light, provision, and a power so awesome that in its presence sinful man trembles and falls on his face, fearing to look at the unshielded face of the King of the Universe.  And yet, Paul tells us that once we have bent the knee and fully given our hearts to the Lord Jesus, this power, this light, this holiness now resides within us.  Just as He protected Moses when He walked by him and put him in the cleft of the rock, God protects us and through His Holy Spirit works within us to be a channel of His light to those around us.  He molds and makes us to be His best representative in this dark world.  We may be weak vessels, but the Lord does not make mistakes, and He chooses us to share His power, His mercy,  His light to all the nations.  We have a work to do and through Him we have the power to do it.  Glory-splendor greater than our sun and yet given to man...     Access Pastor Billy's notes at        Copyright 2017   All Rights Reserved   


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