Josephus, Book 8-Solomon and the Temple 17 Aug 2016
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus, Book 8-Solomon and the Temple       17 Aug 2016
album: Josephus
year: 2016
Josephus now goes into many of the specifics of the Temple of Solomon. complementing the information found in 1 Kings 5-7.  Built on a grandiose scale, with as little sound as possible on the actual site, Solomon's Temple became one of the major wonders of the world.  The pillars which announced the rising sun daily were grand enough to become legendary, and the other articles of the temple were just as rich.  Solomon's Temple, the home of the Glory of God in Israel, and the fulfillment of King David's dream to honor Jehovah.  Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved   


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