Look to Creation! Joyfulness Lesson 4 Knowing, and being, where God intends me to be.
by cbf
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Joyfulness Lesson 4 Knowing, and being, where God intends me to be.
Sometimes life throws us a real curve.  We end up in a situation or place we'd never intended to be ~ with a disease unasked for, a home not what we'd dreamed, enemies that once were thought friends or at least non-threatening acquaintances.  Sometimes this is from assumptions made without doing the homework it takes to find out the underlying forces that move you along a path you'd not realized... In any case, life is always full of surprises and twists, and if we truly believe there is a God in charge, then our best hope is to trust in His pathways and learn His "rules of engagement".  If that is our goal and heart, when the unexpected, dangerous, or strange occurs, we can as Him to use us as though we are right where we are supposed to be for Him to use us for His purposes.  Where ever He leads, whatever the situation, we will know He is there and we are His. 


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