Genesis 12:1-5 Hello, Abram! Pastor Charles P. Clawson 12 July 2015
by cbf
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A prominent astronomer and avowed Christian was once asked "If our world is so little, and the universe is so great, how can we believe that God can pay any attention to each and every one of us?"  With a smile, the astronomer replied, "It all depends, entirely, on how big a God you believe in..." The life of a servant of God is like the light of the sun~to some it brings a blessing and warmth which causes and encourages growth in those who receive it; to others the sun brings heat, decay, and hardship... it is all in how the individual receives the light and all in whether they, and we, respond or react..... So, just how big is your God?  If God called on you, as He did Abram, what would you do?  He calls each of us today, and has probably already tried to reach you somewhere along your pathway... Did you know? Are you listening? Have you responded? Is your God big enough for you to follow in the footsteps of the Friend of God, Abram??  Will you choose to respond to the Light of the Son? Or, are you reacting, complaining, and only feeling the heat of His call? And, have you just tuned into a small, weak voice which belongs to your version of a small, weak god, and chosen to go on about your day as though there is no possibility of the miraculous belonging to you... 


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