The Prodigal Son and Lessons for Us Elder Bruce Johnson
by cbf
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Brother Bruce Johnson gave a great talk about seeing ourselves as either the lost son or the son who resented the prodigal's return.... Would you avoid eating among the publicans and sinners, afraid they might "soil" your righteous garment? Do you see yourself as the older brother?  Do you behave as the younger son, who took everything  early and then squandered it? Do you judge someone as resentful as the older son, or as flagrant and disrespectful as the younger? Or are you the kind of person who understands both compassion and holiness... the kind of man the father of them both ~ a man hurt by the behaviours who chased neither down and kept his principles, but opened his heart and arms to both as they struggled to grow and be better than they currently were... just where is the line of justice vs mercy? And, just how sinless are you, really?  Your eternity is determined by your answer....   Copyright 2014  All Rights Reserved


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