Look to Creation! Lesson 23 - Initiative Lesson 2 Taking the Lead to Relieve Pressure on Those Around Me
by cbf
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Gal. 6_2  Bear ye one another's burdens.... O so lofty a thought, but so hard to do...  Why is it we have such a hard time with this? Usually we expect  others to help us, but somehow forget that we need to answer the call for help ourselves.  In this lesson we see the challenge and rewards of quietly giving help even if it inconveniences or costs us.  We come to understand that to bear someone else's task, to be the second or third in command, and not to get all the praise or pats on the back, is often a place of safety for us while someone else not only gets the praise, but also the attacks.  In being willing to take a second seat, we are helping the team win, and God then can bring unexpected rewards to the lives of those around us, and to our progeny...  A win_win situation, all around. 


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