Josephus, Book 4 A Look at the 38 Years in the Wilderness Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 10 February 2016
by cbf
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One more time around the mountain... that's pretty much where The Antiquities, Book 3, ends.  The multitude under Moses has sent in the spies and given in to fear of the "giants" in the land.  So, God grants them their expressed wish to "rather die in this wilderness" than face the people of Canaan, a people they know to be warlike, fortified, and given to horrific practices including burning their children alive as an offering to Moloch, temple prostitution, and no mercy of any kind for prisoners.  Book 4 now covers the 38 years in the Wilderness, from the rejection of God's initial plan to the death of Moses.  Josephus tells of the insurrection against Moses led by tribal leaders as well as Miriam and Aaron and defeats in battle.  Josephus does not whitewash his peoples errors, but reports faithfully to his Roman readers of the events as he understands it, and the consequences to the choices his people had made, including their attitude regarding God's purposes and the misreading of God's plans.   What Josephus chronicles applies to us today ~ attitudes and choices have consequences.  By the end of the 38 years, Joshua has been given the mantle of leadership and the new generation of warriors begins.


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