There Is More! Pastor Steve Dyson Special Speaker 30 September 2018
by cbf
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When you are at the end of your rope, when life seems to have stalled, when you are just plain tired and think it may be time to quit, stop.  Just because you can\'t see it right now does not mean it is time to quit.  If you are trying to hear God\'s voice and carry out His work, and you are sure the desires planted in your heart are God-honoring, don\'t quit!  You may need to readjust, but don\'t give up!  Listen as Pastor Steve encourages you to go step by step through the way to access the plans and blessing of the Lord.  Be like Gideon.  Trust in the plans God has seeded into your heart, and remember to place your faith in the Plan Giver because There Is More!!!!\r\nWatch Pastor Steve\'s sermon at\r\nFollow along with his notes/outline at\r\nEnjoy CBF\'s YouTube channel!\r\nCopyright 2018    All Rights Reserved\r\n


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