Genesis 10:1-5 The Generations of Man Begin Again ~ The Post-Diluvian Age Pastor Chuck Clawson 22 March 2015
by cbf
Noah shem ham Japeth scatter serve family flood God Jehovah rebuild replenish geneology children earth God-centered plans grow growth Gog Magog eastern expansion extension peace Genesis Lord


The Great Flood has receded, and the earth is ready to begin again..... Noah and his family are now set to fulfill the plans to re-populate the earth with lovers of the God of the Universe.  Pastor Chuck takes us step by step through the Noah's family, the importance of their names, and the importance of their impact. Notably, the sons are not listed by the order of birth, but by theocratic importance. Such details as given in this chapter will serve as the foundation for understanding the character, choices, and later spread of Noah's family across the entire globe...


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