Stand Up! Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice on Pulpit Freedom Sunday
by cbf
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What if Elijah had refused to talk to Ahab, or Jezebel?  What if Noah had never confronted his culture those 100 years before the flood, or if Jesus had hidden from the Pharisees, or Godly men and women throughout the ages did not deal with evil and corruption they saw around them? This is a special day for many American churches ~ it is Pulpit Freedom Sunday! The church and the pulpit is to be the bringer of truth, the applicator of salt to preserve the good, and bearer of  light to illumine darkness... for years our pulpits served that purpose, but political correctness and threats of IRS intervention and anti-religion attacks have eroded this stand over the last century, and yet to not fulfill this role is to deny Christ.  Deacon Joshua Justice brings the Word today, and looking through history, brings this role to the fore showing God's response to those who bring the salt, bring the light, and bring truth to a world that prefers political correctness, doesn't mind turning rank, and is quickly growing dark.  Come, listen, and see how challenging the wrong in culture brings truth and light to your life, and just might fight that silly political correctness...


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