Genesis 5:1-8 Sin vs Grace Pastor Clawson
by cbf
Bible Genesis Genesis 6 Lamech Adam man mankind sin grace truth responsibility polygamy wife wives Seth Cain sensual sex marry given in marriage flood clean cleanse wipe out wash passion demand law lawlessness


"If they won't follow the laws of God, do you really think they'll follow the laws of man?"  Pastor Chuck outlines the human condition we often call the sinful or sensual man, the way of the flesh, the worldly person who does what is right in his own eyes.  He traces from the beginning of history the choices the entire human race has continue to make over and over.  The first recorded polygamist was only 7 generations from Adam; the growth of the "mighty men" (think Al Capone or Adolph Hitler), the expansion of the "I'll do it my way" philosophy, and the constant pull of looks and self-indulgence over godly character and self-control.  Genesis 6 informs us of our flesh history.  It shows us that every generation, every family, every individual,  has the choice to follow the ways of Cain and reject the grace of God or be considered a true child of the Living God, accept His grace, and live a life worthy of the name we carry. 


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