Limited Time Pastor Billy Robertson 10 January 2016
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Limited Time
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
We are all given time... time to follow our own paths or choose another way, time to waste or use wisely, time to build or tear down, time to plant and harvest, time to have good relationships, and time to cause all sorts of troubles... but through every choice there are three constants 1) we all have a limited amount of time, 2) none of us really can know when our allotted time is finished and 3) we will be held accountable by the Judge of the universe for what we did with His precious gift of time... He gives us the strength to do what He has called us to do, and it is often we go so far we spend ourselves beyond what He wants, and that can be out of balance as much as doing little of nothing, expecting God to fill in the gaps... Balance.  Jesus showed the balance of giving to tiredness, but not being burned out, of taking the time to go to the mountains alone to pray, of NOT making decisions due to the threats of His enemies, and finally to heeding the very last task and giving His all.  That is our pattern...   He has given us a path, and a task.. don't walk in the darkness and stumble in life, but choose to walk in the Light and show Jesus to the world by our confident and purpose-filled life, always being mindful of the limited time we actually have... and enjoy the time you are given!


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