Genesis 12:14-20 Egypt Pastor Clawson 23 August 2015
by cbf
Egypt Abraham Old Testament Bible God Pharoah Sarah deceive deception sin harm threat world worldly bride bride price Hosea wife riches temptation fear lie wealth Genesis Job cattle household great camel revenge silver gold disease death calamity innocent Sarai revelation Jehovah dream Abimalech Holy Ghost grace unmerited favor divine enablement righteous righteousness judgment throne room repent repentance Holy Spirit Jesus Christ Lord encouragement condemnation help salvation


Egypt, often used as a picture of the world, of a place that Christians can be tempted to walk away from the faith, and yet God calls Egypt His second son and used that country to shelter Mary, Joseph and Jesus when they were hiding from Herod's killing squads.  Not all the world is evil, and not all the world is horrible, but it is still the world, it makes its own rules (often without God) and is in need of a savior.  Abraham's travels through Egypt serve as a picture of what God's people should not do, and how the world might react.  We must remember that often the reactions we receive have as much to do with how we present ourselves as it does with the message we give.  Truthfulness is not morality, and morality is not a religion. But, religion without morality grafted upon its very core, is useless. Morality must be at the center of religion's behavior, or "religion" produces sin... Abraham stumbled due to fear, and fell to that fear, but believed in the God He served.  His faith dictated his change, especially when confronted by the Pharoah who demanded truth.  Abraham repented, learned, and was given grace by both God and the powers that be... it may not always be that way with us, but if we never deceive in the first place, we won't have to find out....


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