Do You Have A Connection With God? Pastor Billy Robertson 16 August 2015
by cbf
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How long before the judgment falls on America?  How long before each of us must face a holy God? None of us know when we will be called to an accounting for our time on earth.  We may have decades, or we may be called today... A wise student studies everyday,the foolish waits to cram; a wise cook plans meals, the foolish wastes food by not using it and letting it spoil... The wise Christians keep their lamps filled and trimmed, the foolish ones sleep and when the bridegroom arrives, are not let into the wedding feast since they were unprepared and had no oil in their lamps.... At some point, God will call us to His throne room to be held accountable for what we did with His son. It is appointed for each one of us to one day die, go before the Lord and stand in judgment for reward, or for punishment...What have you done with Jesus, the Son? Eternity is a very long time to wait until tomorrow to be prepared to face the accounting that comes...


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