Genesis 2:8-17 The Man and the Garden Pastor Charles P. Clawson
by cbf
Garden Garden of Eden Eden Genesis 2 Day 3 Third Day Adam man mankind create creation grow learn likeness and image responsibility free will innocence Gihon Euphrates river rivers tree tree of life tree of knowledge good and evil appetite test testing temptation Adonai God Genesis Bible Day Old Testament in the beginning


Day 3, the second half, when Adam, made earlier in the day, is now  placed in the Garden of Eden which had been made just for him.  The Garden of Eden was a classroom protected from the wildness in the outside world, a place for God's only creation that is made in His likeness and His image, could grow and learn how to handle the responsibility of free will.  Genesis tells the story of innocence, experience, and hope... with redemption planned from the beginning of time...


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