Hurt-What is a Christian supposed to do? Joshua Justice
by cbf
hurt hurts attack enemy eternity Father Father God Matthew 18 the next right step right righteousness truth pain love concern pray prayer trust obey help return evil for evil good good for evil strategy life Thessalonians 1 Thessalonians 5:15 chess play plan offer Jesus God Bible stings words gossip work practical bitter embitter the uncertainty principle pleasure now restore restored relation relationship heal healing promise assume assumption expect expectations guilt gift altar make it right vengeance avenge judgment judge karma reciprocity sin measure mete measured grace kindness kind Biblical Job respond Luke 6:27-36 yea and amen amen focus


Sometimes life just gets hard, especially when hurting from stinging words, personal attacks, abandonment by friends, or someone at work is doing his or her best to destroy your reputation and maybe even get you fired.  Those are just a few things that can upset your day, but whatever it may be, the big question now, is what do you do with all that??? How are we supposed to handle the little stings as well as the huge life-changing attacks?  Deacon Joshua takes us through the steps outlined in the Bible in simple, practical terms, steps that can keep the Christian from becoming embittered at difficult situations, steps that cause us to be free and clear before the Father.   There is no promise that life will suddenly become all sunshine and easy pleasure, but there are promises that our internal tormentors can and will cease, that our relationship to the Father can be restored without guilt, and that there is a day coming when all will make sense and be made right.  Hurts?  There are things a Christian is supposed to do... and then the healing can begin.


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