Vernon Oakes Interviews Gail Taylor, owner/ operator of Three Part Harmony Farm
17 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
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Gail Taylor, is the owner/operator of Three Part Harmony Farm. A long-time resident of the District, Taylor has worked as an organizer and social justice activist focusing on Latin America solidarity (internationally) and affordable housing issues (locally.) She has been farming organically since 2005. 
Taylor speaks regularly on food and farming issues and has been featured in The Washington Post in 2014 and 2015 for her role as a leader in the urban ag movement. In 2015, she was featured as one of Fifty+ under 50: Innovative leaders transforming metro DC’s food system. She is a member of the Seed Keeper’s Collective, Ecohermanas, and co-founder of Community Farming Alliance.
Three Part Harmony Farm exists to grow food for people, but it also exists in part to challenge our assumptions on how urban farms should look. It intentionally seeks to create a viable and just local food economy while at the same time dismantling racism and the ever present, entrenched forms of oppression in that same food system. 
Three Part Harmony Farm has an active work exchange program where people can work in exchange for fresh produce from the farm. The farm donates produce to soup kitchens and food pantries that redistribute food to people in need. Gail and other affiliates of the farm also work on campaigns to create more equity in the food system. The Farm's mantra defines its’ core principles: Food as Medicine. Food as Culture. Food for our Future.


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