Obedience in NOT an option! Pastor Billy Robertson 18 January 2015
by cbf
obey obedience Jesus Christ commands follow Christian run the race peace diligence power Holy Spirit Holy Ghost win winner sacrifice strength strong faith truth justice intellect Lord


 How bold are you... really? If you want something badly enough, do you go after it, and push through? It seems to be the way of the world to "go for it"... or "*** the torpedoes, full speed ahead" as one famous naval leader said.... Many a person seems to do so for jobs, wealth, power, that particular person you want to date, but what about your faith?? How bold are you.... really? Do you pursue the Lord the way you pursue your job? your significant other?  Pastor Billy reminds us that the pursuit is essential, and like any race, you must follow the rules or be disqualified because Obedience is NOT an option!


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