Genesis 3:16-19 The Consequences, Part 1 Pastor Clawson 25 May 2014
by cbf
Adam Eve garden Satan serpent snake beguiled lie lied Genesis Bible Old Testament Father Creator God Lord consequence consequences curse mercy forgive forgiveness choice result judgment sin angels Tree of Life Tree of Good and Evil gods hurt cast out sacrifice protect protection grace resist temptation tempt temptation


No matter what path you take, it started with a choice you made.  Information may have been partial or complete, straightforward or twisted, or offered as an honest truth or as a temptation to change an already set path, but whatever the situation, the final result all rests on your choice and what to do with that information.  In the garden, they had been given the freedom to be and roam and do with just one restriction--don't eat of the Tree.   Satan had presented 'new information' which led to doubts which led to  the choice to disobey God and eat...  Now comes the consequence of disobedience... the first wave of several pronouncements, consequences that set a path for every person on earth.  And each of these Children of Adam will have their own choices to make.  We need to be aware that every choice has a consequence.  Choose carefully.  And, remember, even if you choose poorly, if you come home to the Lord, He and He alone can still pull blessings out of the consequences, even if the ground stays cursed....


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