Burdens Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 3 April 2016
by cbf
10 Commandments love action gods Creator Father God Bible Jesus protect cover sin peace righteousness heart soul mind Exodus Jehovah I AM neighbor command first and foremost self concerns heaven save salvation law free liberty freedom Spirit lust flesh responsible worth burden help hope work law legalism Moses serve mercy judgment forgive honor Sabbath Christ faith Son of God hell battle stiff-necked pride prideful stubborn fool grace pain punish forgiveness wrong recompense give


artist: Joshua Justice
title: Burdens
album: Commands, Not Suggestions
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
track: 2
I AM, the God of the Universe, demanded that there be no other gods before Him... I AM, from before to the after of time.  When we focus on the King of the Universe, we know His law is here for a reason...to keep us in His protection, covered by His power and care, and to benefit our pathway through this world.  Love is His character.  It is in His love that we stand in eternal protection. God is good, and does good.  He wants the same for us, to be good and to also do good, to honor Him and to be His channel of good to others. By having no other gods before the Creator, then and only then can we love, protect, guide and bring peace to our families, our neighbors and ourselves.  In this way, we learn the way of the cross and how to be burden bearers for others and yet free in Christ, unentangled by the world, and able to truly be peace-bringers and truth-tellers to a world that desperately needs freedom, hope, and an eternal outlook.  We learn the Christlike way of "doing good" and offering a chance at the truth and the right kind of love...


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