Humility ~ The Beauty of Holiness Pastor Billy Robertson 23 June 2019
by cbf
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Have you ever really taken the time to do an honest self-assessment, to think through your skills, abilities, achievements, and your attitudes about them?  Do you ever get exasperated at the thinking abilities of others, the person who took the parking space you were eyeing, or folks who didn’t give you the attention or respect you believe you deserve?  Have you ever really looked at your level of … pride?  There is a pride of work well done, of accomplishing a goal, of giving your all and having things work out based on an honest assessment of the task, the work involved, and a grateful thanks for those who helped along the way.  On the other hand, there is also a pride that is not healthy, not realistic, not grateful to others, and that becomes an arrogance, a self-exaltation that tends to make a person brag a bit or show the world a persona crafted to make the prideful one better than those round whom he or she spends time or with whom they come in contact.  Consider the Pharisee and the sinner in the parable of the two men coming into the temple to pray--one gave a litany of his greatness and his place in society; the other acknowledged his sin and just wanted to be lowly and forgiven.  Jesus was clear as to which one was justified…  We all have the struggle of pride.  We all want to be important to someone, maybe everyone.  And we all have the struggle to not place ourselves on the throne of life.  When pride rose up within, it took Satan and a third of the angels down from their positions in heaven.  This self-exalting pride can destroy one’s reputation and peace for everyone who allows it to rise up within them on earth.  The Lord has commanded we realize our need for others and especially for Him.  Only through proper humility can self-important pride be conquered.  Only through honest assessments of our abilities, our position, and our views of others can we see ourselves clearly.  And only in realizing our supreme importance in the eyes of the Father can we come to realize just who we are in Him and give up our own entitlement mentality for the peace and grace of knowing we are His image on the earth and as a child that depends on the Father and His love for us. Watch the sermon at \r\nLearn more about holiness & Crafting A Holy Life  at\r\nFollow the notes at Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved \r\n


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