Genesis 14:13-24 Lot Delivered Pastor Clawson 13 Dec 2015
by cbf
Saul Abraham Lot enemies war victory slave spoil win lose bondage freedom Bible Old Testament world worldly hope allies Midian righteousness light fight godly ungodly moral morals Christian values institutions withdrawal politics education involvement government American difficult choice choices United States President Melchizadek God warfare bandits training army servants Sodom David recover Exodus 14:14 hold your peace


artist: Pastor Charles P. Clawson
title: Genesis 14
album: Alpha Omega
year: 2015
genre: Teaching (id None)
Being a captive, as was Lot, is not that different from being a slave to drugs, tv, work, abuse, sex, things which are constant in our thoughts and things with which we panic to lose.... owned by others, things, or as a spoil of war, the story of Lot shows hope and that men of peace, like Abraham, must also step up and be men of steel and resolve as lead by the Lord. Abraham, who followed a path of righteousness, yet had to ally himself with surrounding kings to build a force capable of defeating those who had taken Lot and attacked those kingdoms.  Abraham kept a clear distinction while having to work with these men to free the captives.  We are in this world, and must work with what is here, and yet can stay "unspotted", if we are careful to listen to scripture and make a clear separation of responsibility and honor.  All of our enemies--political, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, and our own poor choices as well as the world systems and the devil himself-- are equally defeatable, when we trust in the Word of God to route the enemy and keep us safe while working with the tools at hand, whatever and whoever that might be. 


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