Be Anxious for Nothing! Pastor Joshua Justice 2 September 2018
by cbf
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Phil 4:6-7 gives us a command, but how do we follow through on this?   The encouragement is clear, but the direction often seems less so. How often do you find yourself dreading something? Perhaps it is a doctor\'s appointment, or visitors in your home, or perhaps it is the dishes, or flying, or any number of other things. Or perhaps you are a worrier, always concerned about something going wrong. It isn’t always easy to follow through on this scripture - but Scripture has more direction for us on how to “be anxious for nothing.”  Psalm 56 is a good place to start.  David was under huge pressures, but he provides a response that today\'s believer under pressure should consider.  Do that self-assessment and then apply the steps and principles Pastor Josh shares from the Bible on just how to \"be anxious for nothing!\"  \r\n\r\nAccess Pastor Josh\'s notes at\r\n \r\nWatch the sermon video at\r\n \r\nCopyright 2018   All Rights Reserved \r\n


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