Palm Sunday~The Untriumphal Entry Pastor Billy Robertson 29 March 2015
by cbf
Palm Sunday triumph Jesus Cross entry win peace king donkey ass foal palms resurrection rebel rebellion rocks cry out crowd crowds Passion Week passion of the Christ death payment sin blood Mary Passover lamb gift love Rome Romans soldiers Pilate condemn condemnation priest scribes Israel hope dream expectation blessed Heaven glory in the highest prophet prophecy redeem redemption


Palm Sunday...Christians today understand in hindsight Jesus was not coming into the city to incite riots or overthrow the Roman rule, but many in that day were hoping that He was coming to cause an upheaval that would lead to the removal of Rome's heavy hand.  Today many come to Christ hoping He will make everything easy and light and every path will be straight with no problems, perfect health, and blessed prosperity... Many today want Jesus to come into their lives and "throw off the yoke of the world and remove the oppression of life in this fallen world"...  However, Jesus came to take our punishment and open the door to heaven, wherein we will have no more oppression from the enemy, no more death, no more ill health, no more pain, and no more tears.  But, today, we too must first walk our path through this fallen world, be a channel of His love and mercy, and yes, even groan under the weight of this fallen world.  Our perfect health, perfect freedom, and blessed prosperity will come, by measure in this world, and fully in the World to Come.  The Untriumphal Entry... a look at putting the things of Christ and the events of the Cross into proper perspective and order. 


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