Not My Fault! or How Our Excuses Keep Us From Facing the Truth... Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 15 February 2015
by cbf
truth lies harm hurt heaven hell confront confrontation reality blame blame-shifting Adam Eve God sin sinner strongholds wrong right


When was the last time you told a lie? Was it a big one, a little one, or just that "polite" lie that leads others a bit astray?  How about that lie or those lies you tell yourself?  "That argument wasn't really  of my making...the other guy was being a pain; I married the wrong whoever, that's why my marriage is failing;  that driver was an idiot so of course I had the 'right' to cut him off; that test was too hard, so the teacher has it out for me...."   Yeah... keep it up, and eventually you will begin to believe what you say about yourself, and miss the opportunity to confront your less-than-perfect ways... blame-shifting is always so much easier on the psyche than the mirror, because after all, the truth might just hurt and who wants that???


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