The Blessings of Forgiveness Pastor Billy Robertson 6 March 2016
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: The Blessings of Forgiveness
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
To know the blessings of forgiveness, we need to know the burden of guilt... Those who feel the full freedom that comes from true forgiveness are those who have felt most the heavy wait of shame and the deep, soul-twisting claw of guilt.  God uses that heaviness to instruct and teach, and when we break, when the fires of life threaten to destroy you, remember that Jesus Himself stood in the flames of judgment for us, and now we can be safe in the place the fires have been.  In this sermon, Pastor Billy calls us back to the foundations of what forgiveness is and should be... and just how important it is that we come to understand and humbly appreciate that great, gnawing "gift" of guilt. 


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