Generosity Lesson 1 Giving a gift that is cherished by the receiver & the giver. Vanessa Justice
by cbf
gift give giver need needs help offer sacrifice cherish cherished discern target meet hope widow orphan Dorcas coat coats clothes clothing shelter free reach out relationship Lord life Jesus Peter kangaroo rat curmudgeon hoard hoarder solitary secretive furtive fast cast offs cheap easy begrudge time talent effort friend provide provider generous generosity Tabitha Bible New Testament Joppa seacoast mariner mariners family families charity produce desperate


Every time we have an opportunity to reach out, we have a choice to be cheap and easy, look good to ourselves and others, and move on without a thought OR to take time, use prayerful consideration, and really discern the needs of the recipient to design and produce a gift that actually touches the heart and means something, especially if that person is in need.... More than just passing on cast offs, our Bible character sought to design and produce clothing widows and orphans actually needed and unlike our animal character, she did not begrudge the time and effort it took to truly be a friend and provider for others.  Generosity... giving a gift that is cherished by both the giver and recipient.


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