Spray Foam – Five Benefits For Residences
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Spray foam insulates homes across the UK. It can be applied in roofs and lofts, in walls and under floors to create an insulating layer, instead of no insulation at all or other traditional methods like mineral or glass-wool, or polystyrene.

So what advantages are there to spray foam insulation in your home? First, it offers huge savings, up to 50%, on heating a building. As energy prices rise, this is an attractive proposition. Second, as it allows you to use your heating systems less, you’re reducing your energy use and therefore carbon emissions, which is great for the environment. Third, it’s worth noting that foam insulation is there to protect your home for the long-term. It’s resistant to degradation caused by humidity, and its composition inhibits the growth of mould in otherwise damp environments. Fourthly, the density of foam wall insulation means that external pollutants like dust and pollen have a much harder job entering your property.

If you’re among the increasing number of people who suffer from allergies, spray foam is an attractive proposition. Finally, it offers better insulation than, say, mineral wool, while taking up less space – ideal for smaller properties.


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