Gen 3:20-24 The Rest of the Consequences, Part 2 Pastor Chuck Clawson
by cbf
Garden of Eden garden Eden Adam Eve God Jehovah sin punishment grace mercy cherubim sword flaming sword Satan serpent consequence consequences curse dust ash ashes judgment removal Tree of Life tree life hope way return Genesis origin race races living mother of all living Father Father God sacrifice sacrifices blood sins lamb Lamb of God covering cost manual labor love atonement atoning


Pastor Clawson continues with his exploration of that foundational story in Genesis.  The origin of who we are , what we are, our beginnings as God's people, our fall, our hope, and why the need for our Savior, is in Genesis. Here the groundwork is laid for the reasons we struggle, we stand firm or fall, and how even in our darkest parts of our souls, we can reach toward a Holy God and expect mercy instead of the destruction a face-to-face confrontation with Him would demand of us.  It is a sad, but not deadly chapter in the race of man ,one that once understood (we are all one race, and all can "come home to the Garden" through the grace, direction and mercy the Father offers), will provide hope and help in returning to our first estate... peace and protection under His wings and in the Garden where we are free to eat of the Tree of Life via the atoning blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ.


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