Our Father Elder Phil Justice 16 June 2019 (Father’s Day, Trinity Sunday)
by cbf
The Lord’s Prayer law grace rules consequences target fellowship God Father Our Father learn family forgiving judgment 10 Commandments atonement knock door open hear voice fall short guilt God\'s children Satan the devil lust lie murder creation Christ ruler Nicodemus born again kingdom Spirit adversarial condemn thought life power sons His Name repent legalism truant officer


For literally centuries churchgoers all over the world have recited that section of the Gospels known as the Lord’s Prayer, but why do we call this passage by that title?  Is this how Jesus prayed when talking to the Father above? If you look at the words, it doesn’t make sense, at first glance, to say this is Jesus’ prayer. It asks Father God to forgive the speaker’s sins.  Jesus didn’t sin. It calls on “our Father”, but when Jesus prayed towards Heaven for HImself He always said “My Father”. Thereby claiming a direct responsive relationship with the Father. So, something doesn’t make sense, until you realize that Jesus was not praying for Himself, but was using a “teaching moment” to help His followers pray in a way that covers their needs, calms their fears, and puts them into a mindful position to hear from and be in relationship to the Father.   By sharing with His own, Jesus gives us a template to become not just a follower but a family member. It is now our turn to both believe and receive His grace and His love for us. Through His atoning work, we move from being under the Law to being under grace and having fellowship, full and responsive fellowship with OUR Father God!   Follow along with the message notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/15rwHAGexX4pl8VhuRzaPkrPwRFys4SDRj9_nAhFu9_Y/edit?usp=sharing   Watch the sermon at    https://youtu.be/NGHyvAy4GCg  Learn more about the prayer at  https://www.covenantbiblefellowship.com/the-power-of-prayer   Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved                      


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