The King Is Coming Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 7 December 2014
by cbf
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Are you ready?  Are you staying in the fray? There is no doubt, no question... the battle is raging, but help is coming, filled with the promise of both reinforcements and victory.  The soldiers are tired and have fought long in the dark, sometimes with sheer boredom, sometimes questioning the battle plans, sometimes wondering if they will survive to see the promised peace... many cannot hang on and they just quit, go over to the other side, desert, or lay down and die having given up during the seemingly unending struggle.  We are in our own battles- with the flesh, the world, and our own doubts and internal struggles - and yet the Lord asks, no tells us to stand and fight, for the King is coming.... are you ready? Are you fighting? Are doing all to "stand therefore"?  Or, are you laying down and dying, having turned your back on your King?  


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