Pentecost! Pastor Billy Robertson 20 May 2018
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Pentecost!
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2018
genre: Sermon (id None)
One of three harvest festivals, Pentecost was cherished as 50 days since the giving of the Law to Moses, & in the NT church, as the giving of the Holy Spirit as the power & balance to live properly under the Law.   Jeremiah 31:33 tells us that God desires a covenant of the heart...   Ezekial 36:26-27  says He will remove our stony heart and replace it with His most Holy Spirit, giving us a new lease on life and a new understanding of His nature.  The changing of the heart of man is a providential work of God alone, and comes only when we are truly repentant, seeking Him wholly, and ready to be His and His alone. The world cannot see or understand, but He is there for us, even when we go astray and when we submit to HIm, we will get back on track!  It is a moment by moment relationship.  Acts 2:1-8 describes when the promises became reality -- The day of the infilling!  On this day, the prophets’ promises and Christ’s words came true!  He gave to us access to His channel of spiritual power, a power to overcome, to be self-controlled, an to connect with the God of the Universe.  Power can be used 2 ways--explosively or under control. On this day, He arrived explosively, and then works in us to guide and control and help us.  Revival comes when God is there...every Spirit-filled believer is a walking revival and point of life for everyone around.  It is up to us to choose to be close to Him.   So, do your utmost to watch out for what you say and think and do and thereby not  grieve the Holy Spirit of God. Be sold out like Paul.  Hold back nothing and Jesus will walk with you side by side.   Access Pastor Billy's notes at 
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