The Second ~ Elder Phil Justice 19 February 2017
by cbf
Love purpose law relationship Bible God Lord Father Jesus Romans Paul give honor trust faith care share obey hope commandment Moses neighbor selfish selfless evil respond react be Christ Old Testament New Testament everything all adultery sin repent repentance forgive theft steal break lawless lie mean focus Jews understand prophets apostles second first


artist: Phil Justice
title: The Second
album: Phil Justice
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
The law is often thought to be dry and tedious, but Jesus broke it down into just two phases.... Elder Phil takes us through the depth and meaning of "love your neighbor".  It is so much more than just a few kind words or a nice gift once in a while, and it stands on the first great commandment to love God with everything in you and all you have.  The "Second" is the evidence and out working of the first, and these two commandments provide the hinge and key that opens the door to understanding all the law and the prophets.  Without properly following these two commandments so clearly explained by the prophets and the apostles, we lose our true purpose and we cannot be what God has created us to be.   Access Elder Phil’s notes at Copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved


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