Have Faith In God Pastor Billy Robertson 10 February 2019
by cbf
Fig tree Jesus Jerusalem believers fire heart solid rock response disciples questioning wonder sowing reaping vine fruit teach rot root core lead curse sin deceitfulness Satan armor of God Ephesians power authority struggle fleshly truth lie itchy ears appeals devil rely trust unknown unheard unseen accepting waiting miracle victory integrity endure


What\'s with drying up a fig tree just because it was full of leaves but had no fruit?  That is basically the question the disciples asked Jesus in Mark 11, and his response did not explain anything.  He just told them \"Have faith in God.\"  What?  Faith?? Jesus just cursed a tree.  What does that have to do with faith in God?  In this sermon, Pastor Billy explains that timing is everything, that fig trees in that time and region were known to have two or even three fruiting seasons.  Sometimes they show a lot of leaves, which should suggest fruit, but not this time.  During this last week of Jesus\' life, the story of the fig tree is a lesson in being showy, but not producing fruit.  If folks call themselves \"Christian\" and seem to talk a good line, but their fruit runs counter to the things of God or is not apparent at all, they might want to learn a lesson from Mark 11 and don\'t be like the cursed fig tree~looking good on the outside, but producing no fruit worth having and being the kind of person that brings on his or her own destruction.


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