Being Confident Pastor Billy Robertson
by cbf
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Not every  stance we take as a Christian is well received, nor easy. One of the biggest doubts thrown at a Christian, is often "how can I know I am  truly saved? And what about my family, will they come along, too?"  Solid assurance is a prize the enemy of our souls wishes to kill, steal and destroy in us.  Phil. 1:7 reminds us that we have a solid reason to not ignore, but also not give into the very real "shakiness" we might have as a human response to being rebuffed, ignored, made fun of, or even attacked.  Paul encouraged his many followers that he was "confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you shall perform it (continue the work; make it the best work it can be; tweak and polish it to a high and excellent product) until the day of Jesus Christ (His glorious return)".    Might words; mighty faith; mighty strength and a mighty reminder that we have been bought with a price and that price includes a long and cherished "remaking" into the image of the Man who bought and thereby salvaged us from a deadly, horrifying end.   


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