The Gospel, or The Good News! Pastor Billy Robertson
by cbf
God Father Jehovah JHWH Creator Judge of the earth Gospel Good News man mankind salvation Acts 4:32 under no other name Jesus the Christ Messiah Jesus Christ Lamb of God sacrifice sin sinful hurt save advocate love propitiation payment judge judgment heaven hell enemy soul perfect holy holiness throne room believe believer Nazareth Christophany suffer die disciple apostle apostles disciples follower follow bend the knee cross cross of Christ witness witnessing Lion of Judah Judah coward cowardly Peter confront confrontation deny righteous one omit sin


One of the basic understandings of any believer is the Good News of Jesus the Christ, also called the Gospel.  And just what is that 'good news"?  It is that God Himself, in the person of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, allowed Himself to take on the form of sinful man, to live on this earth, tell us again of the heart of the Father,  show us the way back home to Him, and then pay the price necessary for imperfect and sinful people to be able to stand in the presence of a holy, just and perfect Creator.  God Himself, as Jesus, became The Peacemaker who was able to both advocate for man and reconcile us to the Father. There is no way any of us can go faultless into the throne room without having first turned to Jesus and His perfect sacrifice.  Only the perfect sinless blood of Jesus as the Lamb of God could every take care of our imperfect, flawed, sinful situation.  The Good News is not a 'come to Jesus and He'll make you feel better and give you stuff' message.  It is 'come to Jesus, and He can fold you in as His, and only then can you attain protected entrance to the throne room of the Almighty Creator and Judge of all mankind.


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