Genesis 6:9-16 Noah and the Ark Pastor Clawson
by cbf
boat Noah Genesis ark flood right choices righteousness rules anarchy wickedness evil heart heart laws lawless mighty men married giving in marriage God Bible dues Ham Shem Japheth family sin wife Old Testament society culture politics wealth influence property ignoring God 100 years preach teach ignored truth life lifestyle depression marginalize joke world new foundation standards God`s standards trust obey clean cleanse land animals man mankind polygamy rebel rebels rebellion crime criminals social ills selfish self-centered animals two by two seven clean pair pairs ship


Noah was a just, upright man living in degenerate times....which sound very similar to the complaints the saints today have of our own society...  Men and women were mighty in body and mind,  politics and wealth, influence and lands.... and used to running their own lives under their own laws, and ... ignoring God...   For 100 years, Noah tried to influence his culture and reach his friends and family.  He was a preacher of righteousness who was at least ignored, if not made the butt of jokes... but when God moved, and the truth of Noah's words came to pass, the people suddenly realized the payment for their lifestyles had come due.  Noah, a preacher of righteousness who did not cave to the culture, did not give in to the depression of being marginalized, and who became the foundation of the new and cleansed world. 


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