God`s Reasons Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 17 May 2015
by cbf
Why justice judgment love grace mercy tipping point final choice time cities death kill judge God Old Testament clean cleanse holy holiness righteous righteousness Amorites Sodom and Gomorrah punishment crime punish bad choice wrong choice rejection good evil sin obey obedience forgive forgiveness consequence consequences scars


Why?  The 4 year old's question we all often continue to ask the Lord  --  Why illness?  Why death?  Why kill all the babies in those Old Testament cities?  Why?  Deacon Josh takes us through several scriptures that give us a view from God's perspective of holiness versus iniquity, grace and mercy versus judgment and payment for sin... He will bend and hold His judgment until His cup of wrath finally overflows... and that after warnings and callings and signs and mercies to forestall that judgment if the people will just listen and heed... and when we look at things through God's eyes, perhaps the "why" factor can be better understood ~ just like the 4 year old will eventually understand why he cannot pull on the boiling pot or go outside and play in the street or eat only ice cream and skip the peas and carrots.... Why? Because; because He is just; because He is holy; because He gives a lot of wiggle room in His abundant mercy; and because when all of that is rejected, there comes a time when judgment must come...  


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