Frenchic Furniture Paint Is Great For Upcycling
Tapered Candles Frenchic Furniture Paint


If you care about the environment and like to look after the pounds in your pocket, you’ll know upcycling old furniture is a handy trick to achieving home improvements on a budget. Frenchic furniture paint is an ideal tool to makeover jaded wooden furniture in your home.

Ordinary paints are latex-based, meaning the finish on wooden furniture can be patchy at best. You may end up with visible brushstrokes that spoil the overall effect. Latex-based paint can also leave drawers or doors sticky, so they can’t be opened as easily. Products like Frenchic furniture paint, though, will give a much smoother, more professional-looking finish. There’s no need to sand or prime wood before using it, and you only need to apply one or two coats – with latex paints, surfaces must be prepared and primed before use. Frenchic furniture paint is also highly durable, especially when waxed or varnished with a water-based polyurethane coating, so will withstand the inevitable knocks and blows.

Finally, Frenchic furniture paint is versatile – there’s a wide range of colours, and it’s easy to modify the finish to achieve a distressed look with light sanding or buffing with wax.


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