The Sovereignty of God Pastor Billy Robertson 19 July 2015
by cbf
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Problems and pitfalls ... we all have them.  Problems are part of life, and have been around since the dawn of time. Pitfalls are often of our own making (and Pastor Billy lists several... take note!) Mankind's responses to life goes through predictable cycles of looking to  and having trust in God, to trusting in man and his ways of doing things, to problems which overwhelm and destroy, to being driven to our knees, and returning to seeking God and His ways. Today's world has hit another cycle of discounting the Almighty, and we have once more slipped into the man-centered lifestyle of "we are our own gods...."  We have lost the Biblical perspective of the majestic nature of God.  We have lost focus on Him and see Him as some small, twisted, man-defined character in a play where man's intelligence and reason, not faith and a high and holy Father, is center stage. How big is your God?  Do you believe what He says about Himself, or do you attempt to define Him by your own small, puny-minded terms?  Whichever definition you use, will guide your faith, your walk, and heavily impact your life.  Deny the sovereignty of God, rely on yourself as the standard,and suffer the consequences; agree to His description of Himself, and see into eternity and walk a life of unexpected peace and rest, as well as challenges that call out of you your very best self.


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