1 Kings 11:14-22 Solomon`s First Adversary Pastor Charles P. Clawson 23 November 2014
by cbf
Solomon consequences Hadad Syria Egypt hate hatred king retribution payback adversary Bible 1 Kings Old Testament action Joab David ignoring warnings warn warning chastise chastisement Edom


Chastisements are the direct and sometimes immediate results of ignoring warnings, turning your back on corrections or directions, or just moving forward in outright sin. For Solomon, it was Hadad the Edomite, still angry about Joab's actions years earlier... Solomon knew better that some of his choices were not God-honoring and some were outright rebellion, and yet he did not learn from this first event.  There are always consequences to pay when you don't follow directions... in Solomon's case, just as it was for David's, the consequences are long and involve his legacy and his children...


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