Fallow Ground Pastor Billy Robertson 25 June 2017 Key Verse: Hosea 10:2
by cbf
salvation Hosea 10 Matthew Jesus save sin repent repentance change works God Lord Bible hope fallow ground sow seed thorns rocky ground evil habits weeds heart deceive deception Word hear see righteous righteousness fruit fruitful weedy chocked overgrown break clear field unprofitable ways good fall away routine central things consumer profess burden lost desire serve self self-pleasure others eternity give take shallow carnal Christian worldly false teach Hebrews 12 disciple discipline son child bastard example pastor seek temple lie truth follow leave parable respond superficial hard heart faith fair unfair blame hardness mystery Luke 8:11 soul James consequences emotions roots Gospel forgive problems tough battle victory


artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Fallow Ground    Key Verse
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
Fallow ground--that's what Pastor Billy is talking about today, but what in the world is 'fallow ground'? Farmers and gardeners know -- "a field that has been sown with crops in the past and has yielded much fruit but has now been left unworked for a time. It is hard and full of ruts. It yields nothing but weeds now." How much of our life has become 'fallow ground"... we've gotten used to this church habit and it has become a rote tradition; we've lost the fire to witness but still carry the label of Christian; we've neglected reading the Word and consistent, heartfelt prayer but expect the blessings surrounding us to just be there. The spiritual land that was once productive has become weedy and forgotten, and we are riding on habit, not repentant on-fire heart... How fallow is your ground?  You can access the sermon notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kBPrXGrP1qJg_9fXNHRa56IyP4Weg7PHKTLTw1VJtuE/edit?usp=sharing Copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved


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