Human Weakness Pastor Billy Robertson 15 March 2015
by cbf
struggle Christian Christ human weak weakness strength hope futile futility plan peace Jesus Romans faith problem problems win habits ways temptations success successful new creature old man Second Man Adam lust pride persevere confess confession


Christians are not so perfect as to have no problems... we struggle with old habits, old ways, and old temptations, but we also have a hope and a new way to deal with those old things.  Before Christ, we had only ourselves and those around us, who may or may not be successful, as resources to deal with the situations in which we found ourselves.  Usually, we could do something in the now, and it might bring relief, but the problems often surge back, or set us on a downward spiral.  And, often as not if we are honest, can ascribe the root of each problem to what the Scripture calls "lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life."  Jesus does not promise "easy", but as new creatures in Christ, we have access to a new set of successes and tools, each designed by our Savior to address those problems and attack them at the roots.  We have been redeemed, have a new family, and a new culture... now all we have to do is act like it... and the best part? We are no longer alone in the struggle and we have been promised the victory if we, by faith and choice,  just follow His plan and walk in His footsteps. 


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