Happiness! Pastor Billy Robertson
by cbf
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Happiness... that state of euphoria where all is ok and you are feeling good, invincible, and sort of floating through life; that state of being that can be destroyed with a word, a look, an unmet expectation or the weather..... Everyone wants to be happy, but if it is so easily destroyed, is it something that you can count on? Something that is an anchor in a storm? Or is it something that is based in stuff and wants and being the center of your own world?  Jesus promised joy and contentment, but never happiness... so if your idea of being a Christian is to gain happiness and ease in this world, you are going to be sadly mistaken, and you will find yourself upset, bitter, and blaming God for not "fixing" your situation.  Pastor Billy explains just what it means to have Christian "happiness" vs what most of us look for in life.  Happiness... that state of being where you are on the throne and all is going the way you want it to... hmmmmmm


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