Vernon interviews Bob King, President Emeritus, United Automobile Workers, (UAW)
32 months ago by Patyna
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Vernon interviews Bob King, President Emeritus, United Automobile  Workers, (UAW).
album: Everything Co-op. Vernon and Bob discuss his experience with 1worker1vote, and CB2E; and his involvement in the cooperative movement.

Bob King retired from the United Automobile Workers in June 2014, after completing a four-year term as president of the union. Prior to his term as President, King served three terms as vice president. In his last term as vice president, he directed the Ford, Severstal, and Competitive Shops/Independents, Parts and Suppliers Departments. King was first elected as a UAW vice president in 1998, and assigned to lead the union's National Organizing Department. During King's leadership the National Organizing Department assisted more than 80,000 workers in their efforts to join the UAW.

Known for his activism and passionate belief in social and economic justice, since retiring, King has remained very active in social justice causes in his community and globally. He was a visiting researcher at the University of California, Berkeley for the spring 2015 semester, and co-taught a seminar for both undergraduate and graduate students on "Labor and the Global Economy." He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the 1Worker 1Vote organization, which is a joint effort of the United Steelworkers and Mondragon Corporation, to create and support worker cooperatives in the United States. King also serves on the board of CB2E, a Detroit organization also dedicated to creating and maintaining worker cooperatives locally. 


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