Look to Creation! Lesson 19 Orderliness Lesson 2 Maintaining Cleanliness and Good Grooming
by cbf
Jesus forgive prostitute prophet courtesy manners good manners sin sinner legalistic personal witness uninvited perfume sacrifice honor host prayer trees prepare co Simon the Pharisee the repentant woman Luke Bible fellowship clean hygiene beaver groom parasites character character traits character training


A prostitute is blessed of the Lord but a leading citizen is schooled on his lack of love...How we present ourselves to the world, to our family, to the stranger; how we take care of ourselves, our homes, our properties... all of it speaks to our willingness to work towards an effective, peaceful life.  Sometimes the outside belies the inside... spiffy looks and a lousy character or a good character, but poor manners and having a slacker attitude both accomplish the same unwanted end~you are not taken seriously, or are not respected for who and what you are.  Your walk and your ways should match...rn


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