1 Kings 13:20-25 Wrong Choice--Dead Wrong! Pastor Charles P. Clawson 12 July 2015
by cbf
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The prophet of Judah had chosen to rest, now that his confrontation was over, and then gave in to the request of an older prophet of Israel to come to his home to rest, eat, and drink.  This was directly in opposition to what God Himself had told the younger man, and he was warned if he did not obey, his life would be cut short.  And so it was... The prophet of Bethel, in lying to the prophet from Judah, gave the Judeah an opportunity to follow what God said or follow what a man told him....   The Judean had let down his guard, and listened to the word of a stranger who presented himself as a brother in Jehovah; in so doing, he jeopardized everything he had done...  We are human, just like the two prophets.  We, too, have great successes and stunning failures~failures that often come through seemingly little changes, little steps, little waverings.... How often do we turn from the plain Word of God, listen to the whispers of society, and forsake the Savior by that seemingly little compromise, rationalized by emotions, strain, fear, or just plain wanting to fit in...  


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