Look to Creation! Joyfulness Lesson 2 Refusing to enjoy anything which harms the person or reputation of another Vanessa Justice
by cbf
assassination around the watercooler Nabal Jezebel shrike butcher bird murder political intrigue harm hurt destroy reputation Old Testament Ahab Athaliah power king queen kindness Jehovah Israel Baal Jehu Elijah Elisha Sidonian Sidon Tyre merchants kingdom alliance marriage Phoenicians borders


Gossip, assassination around the watercooler, jockeying for power positions... the corporate and political world is full of this and more. If we take part, we are no better than a butcher bird ~ attacking to kill, seemingly just for the joy of it. The Old Testament has a story of a woman who not only jockeyed for power, but attained it at dear and deadly cost, not only for her victims, but also for her followers and family members... As Christians we need to be on the lookout for such deadly people, and to do all we can to keep ourselves out of their grasp by heeding warnings and living a life that when the lies come, others come to our defense...


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