Mother's Day Pastor Joshua Justice 13 May 2018
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Mother's Day
album: Joshua Justice
year: 2018
genre: Sermon (id None)
 Life isn’t all about answers to problems; sometimes you just need a hug. You don’t have to be a woman to feel emotion, and you don’t have to be a mother to comfort someone. We can, however, remember the powerful examples of love and comfort the mothers around us have shown us.   God is often seen as a father-the judge and authoritarian. It is Dad who usually sets down the rules.  It is Dad who is the one who often administers the correction.  It is Dad who shows us how to drive or how to repair something.  Dad teaches with hands-on training.  Dads are usually the ones to whom we turn to fix the problems in which we find ourselves.  But, Moms are the ones we run to when we need a hug or need someone to hear us out, kiss our hurts, hold our hands, or wipe away the tears.  She will be the one we depend upon to be her knees in prayer, interceding for our wellbeing.  We usually frame our understanding of our God as our Father, our Dad...but He so much more than just the Judge and Authority... Mother's Day honors the women in our lives who shepherd, love, guide, help, and were there to give us life.  Not all mothers are noble pictures of the compassion that we want, but God is.  Not only is He the one who sent the Son to help us out of the problem of sin.  He is also the Comforter, the listener, the one who holds our hands and dries our tears. He provided good mothers to model the compassion and love He shows for all of His creation, and for His people especially.  When we recognize that God designed the idea of Mother based on Himself, it is then that we can more fully understand His eternal nature and realize just how much He loves us.   Access Pastor Joshua's notes at     Enjoy his video at    Copyright 2018   All Rights Reserved


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